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Easy-pack has grouped together its various services in 3 main services. This means that you - or the person who prepares parcels for dispatch - will no longer hesitate between the various names understood only by their inventor.

Imagine your best client's production line has stopped in Stockholm... choose Hard-pack and one of our agents will board the first available flight. Your documents and parcels must be delivered in the shortest possible time everywhere in France or on the other side of the Earth... the standard service is Easy-pack. You are on a tight budget but you need the services of an efficient and exacting firm, Cool-pack will satisfy your logistic requirements and keep your accountant happy.

Our services :

Hard-pack : tailor-made transport for your most sensitive dispatches
Easy-pack : standard express service for the best price
Cool-pack : a reliable, efficient and economical delivery service

Easy-pack also covers :

Trade fairs and exhibitions (group dispactches, delivery to booths, ...)
Air and sea freight
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